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      In addition to DJing, I also do uplighting, which is placing lights on the ground in such a way that they project to the ceiling, walls, particular objects–whatever it is the client wants! I have a variety of colors and can lay out as many as 20 lights for an event, depending on the size of the venue. Uplighting is an excellent way to enhance the ambiance for dancing and celebrating, and it is also another way to give a personal touch–perhaps you want your wedding or school colors filling the room, or you want a subtler color shining throughout in order to make your physical decorations stand out more.
      These EchoICON RBWA+UV uplights are battery-powered (hiding unsightly wires, plugs, or cords and can be placed anywhere without need for an outlet), were purchased brand in 2014 and will be maintained separately at each event by my assistant to ensure that they stay up consistently and adjust to the event’s schedule if requested, while I devote my full attention to my role as your DJ and MC. The number is typically established by the size of your event venue, and I will work with you to establish the appropriate number.
      These lights differ from those of many other DJing companies that still use older, wired uplights that may also have noisy cooling fans.

      I would like to show you an example of my uplights. Please take a minute and watch a video example of my uplights from the company where I bought them: